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How are products are made

Read on if your curious about how we make our products, but be reassured it is with love! What happens after clicking “place an order”?

Firstly, we want to thank you for your custom as a family run business we know all to well about preparing for a baby. We care for each new order that comes to us and we are excited to be a part of your journey. We feel a lot of responsibility – we realise the fact that parents have trusted us, and we must do everything possible to meet the expectations placed in our business. We can see through the eyes of children to enhance their experience and we see a lot of engagement such as smiling, pointing fingers at a colored element on his blanket. We can see how closely babies look at new accessories, how the blanket’s fabric in their hands is sensory.

There is a processing time however we endeavor to get all orders out in a prompt and efficient manner. At MiaJG, everything is tailored to a specific order: from hoods to the blankets and sleeping bags, to gloves or muffs. While we understand there is a wait for your order, you will not be disappointed by the bespoke quality of out unique and made to measure accessories.

We know how to distinguish
good fabric from good marketing

Believe us! It is one of the basic skills in this industry :), we are highly skilled at spotting a fake as we are all trained in picking the finest fabrics. From fabric production and dyeing, maintenance, storage, etc. By combining this knowledge with our experience and opinions of parents, we can choose fabrics that are appealing, durable, safe, and comfortable for a child. We always have the best interests of your child in mind. We want the child to feel confident in our products, For us, only the actual quality matters.

We pay close attention to how a given fabric is produced, which is especially important in the case of colored fabrics

We understand all children’s accessories, looking your best is the MIAJG way! However, practicality and safety are our underpinning goal for all products. By submitting an order, we understand the trust you have out in our products and you can be 100% sure that we took the upmost care. Our suppliers are the only the leading European fabrics and garment producers, and all materials used in the production of our articles and printing inks meet the highest safety standards confirmed by the OEKO-TEX 100 CERTIFICATE. Certified, we are sure that our products meet all the requirements when it comes to articles for babies and toddlers.

Triple safety certificate
for the velvet cotton

One of the most used materials is a velvet cotton. It is this material that you will find in our sleeping bags, liners, or other accessories. The softest material was selected for the closet proximity of your child.

This certificate guarantees maximum fabric safety for the most demanding and sensitive consumers, ie babies and children up to 3 years of age!

This certificate marks products that meet the most stringent ecological requirements and are manufactured in accordance with legal regulations in the field of occupational hygiene.

This certificate is awarded only to products that meet the strict safety requirements for the youngest children.

Hypoallergenic filling
and free of phthalates and BPA

The inside is as important as the outside, so for all our accessories the filling provided the highest quality hypoallergenic silicone nonwoven fabric. Flexible with the ability to retain their original shape and are safe for your child. All metal and plastic materials used in our accessories are phthalate and BPA free.

Truly angelic touch

We want to boast about out super soft material. As one of the first companies on the market, we introduced fur to children’s accessories. Don’t they look cute? Often fur fabric can deteriorate. Knowing this, we chose for our collection those that are distinguished by the best quality in the world – they resemble natural fur, and at the same time are much more durable. Where is the secret? To produce these faux fur, special fibers are used, which due to their properties: lightness, delicacy and elasticity are commonly called “angel wings”. We work with high pile fur (padding), thanks to which the fur is very fluffy and thick, and the natural shedding is minimal.

Meet our studio

A team of creative and passionate dedicated people work on these creations, for whom creating accessories for children is not only work, but great fun and joy. The product you have ordered is made in our professional studio. We are proud of all creations. A fully equipped tailor workshop with array of equipment fulfills all the delicate work. And because we are perfectionists by nature, the saying “straightforward” takes on a specific meaning in our case.

Safety first and foremost

We have already written about safety in the context of the selection of fabrics, but great care is taken during the entire production process. Our workshop, meets the most stringent health and safety requirements, which is particularly important in the current pandemic situation. The studio uses UV , to kill bacteria and viruses. Therefore, you can be sure that the product you receive is sterile and safe.

Production process

Production process

Production process


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